Perlato Royal.

Gruppo Vitti è una struttura organizzativa integrata che segue tutti i processi produttivi del Perlato Royal: estrazione, trasformazione e commercializzazione delle migliori tipologie.

Gruppo Vitti

Partner ideale per progettisti e operatori dell'edilizia. Gruppo Vitti, ha avviato un importante processo di internazionalizzazione per la promozione del Perlato Royal. Fanno parte le aziende Marmi Vitti s.r.l., Futura Marmi 2002 s.r.l., Perlato s.r.l., I.CO.M. s.r.l e Vitti Marmi & C. s.n.c.. Perlato Royal, Lazio, Cassino, Coreno, italia. italy


The magic of the Mediterranean from the Miocene era is perfectly represented in Perlato Royal by the extraordinary variety of macro-fossils and remains of marine flora and fauna that characterise its appearance. During the sedimentation of this "stone" a beautiful picture of life and colours appeared on our warm sea beds and this was how the seaweed, shells and corals of the most varied of species left a special mark throughout the years. With proof that can be seen in the most ancient archaeological sites of our lands, from the flagstones of Via Appia to the colonnades of Pompei, Perlato Royal was already used during the "Roman" period as supporting structures for buildings and also for ornamental use, thanks to its unusual requirement: "easy processing of its hardness".