Perlato Royal.

Gruppo Vitti è una struttura organizzativa integrata che segue tutti i processi produttivi del Perlato Royal: estrazione, trasformazione e commercializzazione delle migliori tipologie.

Gruppo Vitti

Partner ideale per progettisti e operatori dell'edilizia. Gruppo Vitti, ha avviato un importante processo di internazionalizzazione per la promozione del Perlato Royal. Fanno parte le aziende Marmi Vitti s.r.l., Futura Marmi 2002 s.r.l., Perlato s.r.l., I.CO.M. s.r.l e Vitti Marmi & C. s.n.c.. Perlato Royal, Lazio, Cassino, Coreno, italia. italy



The Gruppo Vitti represents the synthesis of in-depth knowledge and experience matured in years of activities as an entrepreneur. It all began in 1970 when Luigi Vitti, inspired by his huge passion for Perlato Royal marble, decided to open a small artisan company in order to transform blocks of stone into processed and semi-processed products, immediately generating a huge commercial success. In 1989 Mauro Vitti started to work alongside his father in the company and with his managerial spirit he managed to convince the family run company to make constant improvements. The markets in question were initially limited but they gradually extended to foreign countries, strengthening production through the use of highly technological machinery and acquiring exclusive extraction rights from the largest quarries of Perlato Royal. Mauro Vitti started off with the concept that in order to create excellent products and satisfy the requirements of a market that was becoming larger and larger and much more demanding, a good level of company organisation was required and therefore he established other companies with specific skills, leading to the Gruppo Vitti that currently includes: Marmi Vitti s.r.l., Futura Marmi 2002 s.r.l. and I.CO.M. s.r.l. This move turned out to be highly strategic. In reality the synergic action between the various skills that each company has guarantees high quality standards, offering clients a complete and professional service.