Perlato Royal.

Gruppo Vitti è una struttura organizzativa integrata che segue tutti i processi produttivi del Perlato Royal: estrazione, trasformazione e commercializzazione delle migliori tipologie.

Gruppo Vitti

Partner ideale per progettisti e operatori dell'edilizia. Gruppo Vitti, ha avviato un importante processo di internazionalizzazione per la promozione del Perlato Royal. Fanno parte le aziende Marmi Vitti s.r.l., Futura Marmi 2002 s.r.l., Perlato s.r.l., I.CO.M. s.r.l e Vitti Marmi & C. s.n.c.. Perlato Royal, Lazio, Cassino, Coreno, italia. italy



The Vitti Group has its own integrated organisational structure that deals with all technical stages of development of Perlato Royal and the relative production processes. The companies from the Vitti Group work in synergy and complete the entire production process, from extraction through to the transformation and sale of the very best varieties of Perlato Royal. The Vitti Group is very sensitive to architecture and design and, furthermore, it also offers its services as the ideal partner for designers and operators involved in the field of constructions searching for attentive consultancy and technical assistance during all development and execution stages of public and private projects. Expert and qualified staff assist clients in their choice of marble and the most suitable processes according to the use required, they are capable of resolving any technical problems that may arise during construction right through to after-sales assistance, guaranteeing a complete and professional service. In its objective for further growth and improvement, the Vitti Group has launched an important internationalisation process aimed at promoting the extraordinary characteristics of Perlato Royal and its potentials in terms of use.